Ziplyne VS WalkMe

Digital Adoption technology can be useful in the total experience of a user. Two sides of the experience coin are CX & EX. Customer Experience and Employee Experience are differentiators that Companies can leverage as a major competitive advantage. If you are in the realm of CX, you most likely have a SaaS platform or technology that you are providing for your end users/customers.

WalkMe was not able to Do XYZ

Customer & User Experience comes down to user friction. Friction is measured by how easy it is for your end users to understand, engage and adopt to your SaaS.

Features comparison




In-app guides


Analytics Reports

Customisation Options (Font, Colour, Templates)


Cross URL Functions


No coding experience

Different Admin Accesses for ease of administration

Works as extension for all user base on chrome, edge

Time saver - Create a guide in less than a minute

Include videos, documents, images in your guides

Compatability & Maturity - Can work with any web-based software of your company

Platform Features

In-app guides (Zips)

Give your end users self-service with step-by-step help guides accessible to them in real time.

ROI & Payback

Dive In-App Guidance For Your Employees

You spent all this investment on your Enterprise Employee Software, now you have to justify ROI but your end users are not adopting it.

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Implementation Time

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