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Early stage companies and large enterprises are selecting Ziplyne as their DAP to get the most out of their existing SaaS enterprise software. We understand what it takes to go-live with a DAP and have built our technology in a way that lowers your total cost of ownership.

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Rome Chopra

Rome Chopra

CEO and Co-Founder
Rome Chopra is the CEO and co-founder of Ziplyne, Inc., a SaaS solution that enables enterprises to transform and execute their digital adoption strategies. While in graduate school at Johns Hopkins, Rome was selected to participate in the prestigious Social Innovation Lab where he developed the template of the idea that ultimately transformed into his current company. In his spare time, he lends his talent to producing and acting in a variety of independent films. Rome holds a B.A. in Economics from Rutgers University and a Masters in Finance from the Carey School of Business at The Johns Hopkins University.

Rajiv Chopra

CSO and Co-Founder
Rajiv Chopra
Rajiv Chopra is the CSO and co-founder of Ziplyne, Inc., a SaaS solution that enables enterprises to transform and execute their digital adoption strategies. He joined the effort to get Ziplyne, Inc. to market at inception after seeing the potential in Rome's vision. He has enormous experience internationally in large multinational corporations and a proven track record of building businesses from the ground up to scaling them to $100mm+. He enjoys his role of leading a diverse and international team in project development and execution. Rajiv completed his undergraduate degree from India in Engineering and went on to complete his MBA from Stern School of Management at New York University.

Our Journey

Founded in February 2017



Reviewed Product and improved for V1 March 2018
First Enterprise Pilot Customer- Winter 2019



Deployed On-Premise Installation for Enterprise
Scale mode 2021


Our Customers Say We Excel At

Ease of Use

Number of Guides and time it takes to create a guide is 2X faster than other providers.

Budget Friendly

Providing more value at 4X less cost.

Simplicity of Implementation & Scale

Ziplyne provides you with a low code, no code solution to automate your user onboarding, training and support needs. And we mean it.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

No need to have 10 Full time employees managing your Guides & DAP, less is more.

Features Comparison


A Usual DAP


In-app guides


Analytics Reports

Customisation Options (Font, Colour, Templates)


Cross URL Functions


No coding experience

Different Admin Accesses for ease of administration

Works as extension for all user base on chrome, edge

Time saver - Create a guide in less than a minute

Include videos, documents, images in your guides

Compatability & Maturity - Can work with any web-based software of your company

Career Opportunities

Machines are great. Reliable machines are even better. But do you know what’s best? Reliable humans.


Full Time
5+ years experience
As a DevOps Consultant at Ziplyne, you will play a pivotal role in assisting our clients in adopting and optimizing AWS cloud services to streamline their software development and deployment processes. You will work closely with our clients to assess their current infrastructure, design efficient AWS-based solutions, and implement DevOps best practices to enhance their operational efficiency.
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QA Lead

Full Time
5+ years
This is a full-time remote role for a QA Lead at Ziplyne. The QA Lead will be responsible for overseeing quality control, quality assurance, and quality management processes. The QA Lead will also collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify and implement quality improvement initiatives.
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