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Digital Adoption technology can be useful in the total experience of a user. Two sides of the experience coin are CX & EX. Customer Experience and Employee Experience are differentiators that Companies can leverage as a major competitive advantage. If you are in the realm of CX, you most likely have a SaaS platform or technology that you are providing for your end users/customers.

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Why it matters today?

Customer & User Experience comes down to user friction. Friction is measured by how easy it is for your end users to understand, engage and adopt to your SaaS.

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Product Features for User Experience

Ziplyne’s Digital Adoption Platform delivers exceptional experiences across your enterprise technologies so that you can recognize the real business value.

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Create &
Deploy Guides and Modals
Customization of Your Popup
Create Tooltips and Pulses
Guide Analytics for Usage



Features Overview

Tagging elements
No coding or developer work required. Tagging elements is a simple process.
Customizing in Rich text Editor
Include pictures, videos and links and other rich text for contextual user experience.
Creating ZipFlows
ZipFlows is connecting two Zips.
Cloning of Zips
A Zip can be cloned/moved to a different environment without having to involve a developer.
Some apps use dynamic URLs and parameters in their path structure, i.e users could have different URLs for the same tab.
Creating Pulses and Tooltips
Communicate new feature releases- feature discovery, Product updates, etc.
Triggers are used for easy and smooth flow of the Zip without too many clicks on the popup.
Player Widget
Sleek Widget that sits on top of any application.
Customized experience for users
Customize the Widget as per user experience and match the colours to your application or brand colours.
Edit Zip status
Zips can be made live/draft/test from dashboard.
Zip Analytics
Track the Zip performance of Zips and understand where the users might need help with the business processes.
Modal Manager and it’s analytics
A free floating popup that can be created and displayed on applications for any announcement or any kind of information that user requires.
Zip Migration
Bulk migration of Zips from domain to domain and environment to environment directly from dashboard.
Creating Simple Experiences
Some apps use dynamic URLs and parameters in their path structure, i.e users could have different URLs for the same tab.
Add Content
Ease of adding content to Zips at one go.
Integration of third party apps
Apps like Jira, Microsoft Teams , ZenDesk can be integrated.
Adding Content Links
Any type of content such as PDFs, Videos, Weblinks can be added into the list of Zips.
Zip Monitor
Zip monitor will watch your Zips development 24/7 and will inform if there is any breakage in the process.
Popup and Theme Customizations
Customize the look and feel of the guides/Zips.
Shareable Zips
Generate shareable Zips to help users on the spot via shareable links.
User Groups
To target a specified section of users , User groups are created so that only those are added will be able to view the Zips.

Dive in-app guidance for your employees

You spent all this investment on your Enterprise Employee Software, now you have to justify ROI but your end users are not adopting it.

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Your team will use our Ziplyne Creator to create step-by-step in app guides & training for your employees.
Your IT Team will embed a javascript snippet of code into the core of your Enterprise applications or Deploy a centralized Browser extension.
Your team will make the Zips live and you are now ready to engage with your employees.
What is DAP?
"By 2025, 70% of organizations will use digital adoption solutions across the entire technology stack to overcome still insufficient application user experiences."
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