DAP Checklist

So you realize that you need a DAP, now what. You are going to go through demos and RFIs in order to narrow down your choice to the top 3 in the industry. Let us help you with this journey. We offer a consultation to help you understand your business requirements and how they can translate into all phases of your DAP.

While working with many companies we have learned what the core requirements are versus the nice to haves. Below is an aggregated checklist based on the many RFP and RFIs that we have come across or been presented.

Does Your DAP Have The Core?

Our Digital Adoption Platform helps you realize the true value of your people and technologies by driving user adoption of your enterprise critical applications.

Core ability – to put overlays onto other webpages, as searchable guides.
Ability to put conditional / split logic.
Tracking of user completion of tutorials.
Tracking of searches done by users (for improvement targeting / new tutorials)
Open ended ability to link to LMSs.
Security/Auth/Connectivity to Enterprise App/Directory (how is this managed? Can we SSO?)
Extendability – what would more users look like? More tutorials for the same system? Expansion to other systems?
Content Management – what facilities are available to us? Infra stuff like backups/confidentiality at the content level.
Tracking of user completion of tutorials.
Multiple languages.

Want To Know More?

Chat with our Sales Specialist for a deeper dive into what your organization should be prioritizing and how they can reduce the procurement cycle by asking a set of questions upfront.