Veritas Prime and Ziplyne Forge Technological Synergy to Elevate HXM

September 5, 2023

Portland, ME – September 19, 2023 - Veritas Prime, an internationally recognized professional services consulting firm and SAP® SuccessFactors® Partner, has joined forces in a global strategic partnership with Ziplyne, a cutting-edge Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) innovator, to usher into a new era of scalable HR transformation. This pioneering collaboration fuses Veritas Prime's deep-seated expertise in SAP® SuccessFactors® with Ziplyne's state-of-the-art DAP technology, reshaping the landscape of HR user experiences and practices with a seamless integration that promises unparalleled results and business outcomes.

As organizations strive to optimize their Human Experience Management (HXM) strategies, the partnership between Veritas Prime and Ziplyne stands as a testament to their commitment to optimizing and contextualizing the dynamic employee journey. This strategic move empowers Veritas Prime's renowned HR consultants to leverage Ziplyne's advanced technologies to facilitate the smooth incorporation of SAP® SuccessFactors® and increase end-user adoption irrespective of diverse operational variables and ever-changing HR technology interfaces. In today’s CHRO landscape, end-user adoption comes up in almost every conversation with internal and external customers. New strategies and innovations are being presented, but become hard to justify ROI without focusing on ease of use, speed of delivery, and maintainability.

"The ease of experience that Ziplyne delivers is something we always wanted to provide to our end customers but did not find the right technological fit. After reviewing multiple alternatives in terms of DAP vendors and strategies, we found that Ziplyne matched all of our enterprise scalability & maintainability requirements and was open to building/enhancing their product to better suit our customer base. With this flexibility and transparency, we are proud to have our brand represent their software in combination with our consulting service practices expanding to provide Ziplyne implementation and managed services” said Raj Sharmacharya, Managing Partner at VeritasPrime.

“Partnering with Veritas Prime has given us a hyper-accelerator in our go-to-market strategy. With our similar companies' DNA and culture, we have found Veritas Prime to be an ideal business partner in our next phase of growth, with the intent to gain even more traction within the SuccessFactors ecosystem" noted Rome K. Chopra, Co-Founder & CEO at Ziplyne.

The collaborative endeavor is set to define a new paradigm for HR business process excellence and set the standard for how user experience needs to be implemented at the forefront of any HR transformation. Veritas Prime and Ziplyne's joint venture ushers in a future where SAP® SuccessFactors® becomes an enabler of dynamic, optimized HXM across the organizational spectrum.

For further information, please visit Veritas Prime or Ziplyne.

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