PragmatiQ and Ziplyne Announce Dynamic Partnership to Shape Digital Adoption Landscape in Europe

September 5, 2023

PragmatiQ, the pioneering digital transformation and innovation consultancy specializing in Low Code and No Code solutions in the Benelux region, has joined forces with Ziplyne, a cutting-edge Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) innovator, to announce a strategic partnership aimed at reshaping the digital adoption landscape in Europe. This collaborative effort represents a significant stride towards redefining best practices in digital adoption and optimizing end-user experiences throughout the continent.

"Ziplyne's transformative capabilities are revolutionizing how enterprises approach employee productivity and efficiency. By enabling real-time user guidance and training, our primary objective is to enhance the end-user go-live experience and eliminate friction during software implementations and daily usage. After an extensive evaluation of alternative DAP vendors, it became evident that they struggled to seamlessly integrate with market-leading ERPs and encountered challenges with other mature enterprise software solutions. In a concise 30-minute demonstration, Ziplyne impressively showcased its ability to address these specific concerns, ultimately winning us over with its user-friendly content creation and dominant low code/no-code capabilities," stated John Van Der Draai, Co-Founder & CEO at PragmatiQ, highlighting Ziplyne's emerging position in the market.

In this transformative alliance, PragmatiQ assumes the role of a distinguished product and services distributor for Ziplyne across Europe. As a certified Ziplyne reseller, PragmatiQ extends digital adoption services to a diverse array of end customers, consulting firms, and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), positioning itself as a pivotal player in Ziplyne's rapidly expanding Global Partner ecosystem. Functioning as Ziplyne's localized experts and advocates, PragmatiQ will provide expert guidance to enterprises navigating the intricacies of Ziplyne's innovative technology. This technology is designed to deliver real-time and scalable user guidance, training, and support, seamlessly enhancing user experiences within prominent enterprise software platforms such as SAP, AFAS, Workday, Coupa, and more.

With a growing international presence, Ziplyne empowers clients with enhanced user experiences for web-based technologies. Subject matter experts and functional users can swiftly create in-application guides and workflows, providing assistance without requiring intricate technical expertise. This approach caters to diverse business processes, from routine operations to strategic value-driven initiatives.

"We are thrilled to join forces with PragmatiQ, a consultancy boasting over a decade of specialized experience in low-code and no-code solutions. Our shared dedication to the low-code, no-code ethos sets us apart and makes PragmatiQ an ideal partner as we amplify our presence in Europe. Their enthusiasm for our approach sets us apart from other DAP vendors," expressed Rome K. Chopra, Co-Founder & CEO at Ziplyne.

The partnership between PragmatiQ and Ziplyne underscores their joint commitment to empowering enterprises with innovative solutions and services that transcend challenges posed by digital transformations.

About Ziplyne:

Founded in 2017, Ziplyne is a trailblazing Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) provider used by medium to large enterprises to unlock the full potential of their technology investments. By facilitating seamless technology integration and adoption, Ziplyne paves the way for enhanced employee experiences and operational excellence. Learn more at (

About PragmatiQ:

Founded in 2009, PragmatiQ supports customers in virtually all industries with their digitization issues and digital transformation. In the early years, their activities mainly consisted of consultancy and implementation projects in the field of business process management, and supervising package selection processes. Now, PragmatiQ serves as a strategic partner to their customers to model processes into simple business applications or complex enterprise solutions, completely in the cloud and available on browsers and mobile apps in a matter of days. Visit PragmatiQ at