Ziplyne's Features

Experience the true value of your business applications by empowering users with personalized support experiences in-app.

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Create a Frictionless Employee Experience 

Remove the user adoption barriers by delivering personalized guidance in-application.

Remove the complexity from your business processes 

Provide the clarity that employees need at every step of the business process, ensuring that they can engage with confidence and efficiency.

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Deliver Communication that Matters

Target communication to your stakeholders at the point that really matters, anywhere inside your application, to ensure they have the information they need to engage with confidence

Drive adoption of underutilized features

Encourage more adoption of the areas and features of the application that are underutilized by highlighting and educating your employees in-application.

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Empower Employees to embrace those UI changes 

Make it easy for employees to engage effectively despite the new look and feel of the application or the process. 

Frictionless Employee Onboarding 

Welcome your users to the application as they engage for the first time through the use of automated communication modals.

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Improve user Adoption across your business.

Continuously improve user adoption of your business application and processes with on demand access to global adoption trends.

Gain Real-time visibility 

Get live insights on user adoption trends across your business and take meaningful action towards a more productive and efficient workforce.

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