The Ziplyne Difference


Decrease in Support Tickets


Reduction in Onboarding Time


Decrease in Training Costs

Company Name: Healthcare

Website: ziplyne

# of Users: 1,500+


  • Icertis CLM
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

Industry: Food Service


Ongoing deployments of the SAP suite across both entities accounting for over 50,000 employees. 

High volumes of new students to be enrolled annually.

"Expensive training programs for previous deployments had failed to deliver the intended value to users due to long deployment times and employees unable to retain the training through traditional methods".

Hard to follow processes and different rules/logics for vendors, supplier websites and catalog punchouts

This resulted in user frustration low ESAT and often process abandonment

Poor data quality when processes were complete due to lack of understanding of the best practices.

High ticket volumes put a strain on support resources resulting in slow response times which had a severe impact on user efficiency.


Deliver a training solution that was accessible at the point of need and would last the lifetime of the SAP suite, ensuring that the business could support employees of today and new employees in the future.

Deliver in-application guided support to improve user efficiency and data quality

Streamlined and targeted help guides (Zips) for end users to follow based on SAP, Enterprise roles, and departments

Automated onboarding and training for suppliers and employees.

Data accuracy and errors in SAP Fields through tooltips

"The ability to measure the impact on demand support has had on improving employee experience across SAP".

Understand data of user experience and step-by-step friction points across core business processes

Revise existing training materials and workflows to optimize user experience


  • On average reduced support tickets for SAP and other enterprise applications by 28%
  • Increased user efficiency by nearly 20% across key “problem” processes,
  • 15% reduction in user errors for 5 core SAP processes.
  • 29% reduction in onboarding new staff
  • 12% Annual reduction in training cost - previous 3 years

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