The Intricacies of a Digital Adoption Platform: Why the Time to Invest is Now

Digital Adoption Platform
Written By :
Soham Sharma
Published On :
November 10, 2022

What is a Digital Adoption Platform?

Digital adoption platforms help users interact with websites by guiding them through the steps required to complete a task. They can provide self-help menus, task lists and tips and tricks to make new users proficient quickly. The world of digital adoption is constantly evolving, so companies need software like this to have a return on investment from their intricate investments in user experience design, marketing automation, eCommerce, social media and customer service systems.

Digital Adoption is a key factor in driving the productivity of any organization, by helping to improve employee performance, drive change management, and improve learning and development.

By providing in-application self-support, training and onboarding your users can be more productive with less time spent on duplicate activities. By improving how quickly people can overcome challenges during their daily use of the product. And finally by leveraging change management to ensure that people are spending more time overcoming challenges rather than day-to-day duplicate activities.

Organizations need to focus on improving their current processes and systems so that they can keep up with the increasing importance of technology in today's world. If employees are constantly generating IT support tickets, this takes away from valuable time that could be spent improving things like customer experience or product innovation. Therefore, organizations need to adopt a platform that reduces the need for 24/7 involvement to grow and maintain it once it is life.

Digital Adoption Platform - Product Experience

A digital adoption platform is essential for achieving productivity and growth. It provides analytics that help run the process and follow best practices, which are important for both internal teams and agencies to take advantage of. The contextual information provided by this platform can also provide ongoing education on how to use the tool, quick feature updates that improve the user interface experience, new feature updates that keep the product fresh, and lastly a central repository of customer feedback all of which have potential to improve user interface experience. By analyzing this information closely and creating reports on it businesses can simplify their processes for better overall efficiency.

Ziplyne is a digital adoption platform that helps users quickly and effectively adopt new software. It provides analytics and reports on where users are getting stuck, so businesses can provide more guidance and support. This increases the ROI of their business by reducing support costs, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving productivity.

Setting Up - How to choose the Digital Adoption Platform?

Choosing the right digital adoption platform is just as important as choosing any other software that helps your business grow. If you invest in new technology, it's important to make sure everyone in your company sees value from it. A budget and seamlessness of the software are key factors when choosing a platform but internal teams should also keep in mind that different employees have different levels of experience with technology. The platform should be nimble enough to run alongside existing software while taking employee feedback into account too.

The Audience - Which departments benefit the most from Digital Adoption Platform? 

The industries that benefit the most from digital adoption platforms are ones where you need help with onboarding new employees, providing training and support, and providing self-help material on demand. These include Information Technology (IT), Procurement, Human Resources (HR), Research & Development (R&D), Customer Service, and Marketing.

A platform like this can be a great solution for businesses looking to grow without increasing complexity.

DAP Features

Major Features of Ziplyne as a Digital Adoption Platform

Ziplyne provides complete in-app guidance/help to your application. Users come to an application knowing what they want to achieve, they just do not know how to do it. Ziplyne answers the "how", by giving your users a step-by-step experience from point A to Z for any digital business process.

Ziplyne's Key Features Include:

  1. Zips can be created internally even by the Employees of your organization. 
  2. The creation of Zips is both simple and user-friendly, without relying on technical resources/skill sets and can be done by people with no coding experience at all. 
  3. You will be able to target the Zips to specific users and roles, departments, software, and processes, thereby contextualizing the entire experience.
  4. You can also share the Zips in a Web URL for Support channels, Chatbots, Marketing emails etc.
  5. There is a Download option available for the content of the Zips to Excel for Multilingual/ Content Approval workflows.
  6. Ziplyne's all-in-one dashboard gives you insights on employee adoption, training gaps and other insights on your end user's journey through Ziplyne's Analytics.
  7. The Zips that you create can be customized concerning the aesthetics of the underlying application i.e. your website and can be matched for colors, font, templates and everything else to give a more native look and feel to your application. 
  8. The Zips are blended well with the application as it takes you through the entire process to seem like an organic augmentation of your user's experience and not like an interfering pop-up as all the commands can be controlled at your end. 

What are the major challenges in implementing a Digital Adoption Platform? 

A platform like Ziplyne can help you improve employee adoption of digital tools and processes, reduce the cost of training new and existing employees, provide analytics on your user base, and reduce the time it takes to onboard users. However, not all platforms offer these features so it's important to carefully consider your organizational needs before choosing a platform for implementation.


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